Welcome on the webpage of the horticultural company Rannacher. You can find information about the company itself, its history and our actual products. Don't hesitate to contact us if there are any questions left!

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The company

Since 2008 the horticultural farm Rannacher, which was previously managed by family Citzler, is directed by Karsten Rannacher and his wife Ulrike. Karsten has his origin in east Germany, where he grew up in a family owned nursery and therefore learned the language of horticultural in time. Since July 2020 the daughter Michelle is copartner of Karsten and in near future she will take over the company business. Nowadays the production area counts about 2,5ha of glass house and 15ha of open field, on which potted plants such as Azalea, Calluna, Erica, Gaultheria are succesfully manufactured.

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Sales have started!

We have started selling our wonderful Caluna vulgaris (GardenGirls). For more information please contact us and visit our Facebook  page for current fotos.

Karsten Rannacher is honored with Landgard Award

During the IPM in Essen 2020 Karsten Rannacher was honored with the Landgard Award in the catergory 'Producer of the year flowers & plants'. This price is handed to growers who take special effort for [...]

Visit us at the IPM in Essen 2020!

More information:  https://www.ipm-essen.de/world-trade-fair/