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Rannacher Gartenbau

The company

Since 2008 the horticultural farm Rannacher, which was previously managed by family Citzler, is directed by Karsten Rannacher and his wife Ulrike. Karsten has his origin in east Germany, where he grew up in a family-owned nursery and therefore learned the language of horticultural in time. Since 2017 the daughter Michelle is also working in the company and in 2020 she became copartner.

Nowadays the production area counts about 2,5ha of glass house and 15ha of open field, on which potted plants such as Azalea, Calluna, Erica, Gaultheria are successfully manufactured.

For winter season Azaleas are available in 9cm – 17cm pots, in divers special shapes and exciting colours obtained by own breeding effort. For autumn season we offer calluna (for assortment check: www.gardengirls.de/en), Gaultheria in the colours red, white and red-white from our DOTS-collection (own protected breeding), Erica Gracilis, Hebe and a variety of plant bowls.

In our production location, we make use of a padding machinery, potting machinery and a space-O- Mat. We take big effort to continuously deliver high-quality products to our costumers in Germany and Europe.

We are glad to announce that the next generation is ready and we hope for an ongoing good and reliable cooperation.

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